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Show Your Glow

Want clear, glowing, gorgeous skin?

Here are a few insights for both men and women toward achieving your Glow!

1. Wash your face and apply skin care, especially for eyes, way before you go to bed. If you wait until you’re ready to hit the sack, you’ll be too tired to wash up, and research shows skin begins to repair itself best around 10 p.m. So let skin breathe easy long before you start snoozing.

2. Wear sunscreen every day, year-round to prevent aging, hyper pigmentation (especially from acne) and other skin conditions. Be mindful that UV rays can do their damage while you’re sitting in class, riding in the car or walking the dog.

3. Be nice to your face. Picking, poking and squeezing force bacteria deeper into the skin, resulting in scarring and further breakouts. NO Bueno!
4. Get your beauty rest! Eight hours should do the trick. Sleep not only keeps under eye circles away but, at night, your body most actively rids itself of toxins that might otherwise wreak havoc with your skin. Sleep also reduces stress which is the top acne, aging and energy aggravator!

To your healthy, happy & vital life!

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